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Disco Ball

TenJin Bar |
an Ideal Event Place 

Tenjin Bar & Karaoke is a one-of-a-kind, Japanese bar located in downtown Toronto. Our guests leave satisfied after an amazing experience.

Our location boasts a drum set and an audio system for sensational live music events. Here, we can complete your party experience with live music and events, delicious classic cocktails and stunning Japanese bar decor. 

Signature Drink Lychee Mai Tai at Tenjin Bar & Karaoke

our signature drinks

Besides our special cocktails that everyone wanted, we offer drinks from sake and soju to classic cocktails. The Drinks Menu compliments our delicious food servings. Paired with a delightful atmosphere, it's the ideal recipe for an unforgettable evening. 

Our bartenders are here to help you choose the perfect drink for your palate, and they love making recommendations. Cocktails, Beer, Sake, Soju, Wine. You name it, we have it. So, please, ask away!

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