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With the best quality music and AV systems and food on the side, let your inner singer free. Read on about our karaoke offerings.

Tenjin is a karaoke bar and live music venue in downtown Toronto. You can select from a wide choice of tunes on our AV system, covering anything from contemporary hits to old-school favourites.

We welcome parties ranging from 10 to 100 people, and we will make your night one to remember!

Friends Singing Karaoke

Tenjin Bar & Karaoke|
the Best Karaoke Bar in Toronto To Enjoy A Drink

Japanese Interior Design at Tenjin Bar & Karaoke Blurred
80 inch screen and Full drum set at Tenjin Bar & Karaoke

one-of-a-Kind Karaoke Bar in Downtown Toronto

With our stunning venue and decor, you will be transported to Japan’s vibrant nightlife scene without spending on a ticket! Enjoy our drink specials and freshly grilled skewers while singing away on stage.

As a unique Japanese karaoke bar, we feature a full AV system that includes a projector and an 80-inch screen. It's not something you come across easily so come see us soon. Our venue has everything you need to have fun with friends.

Private Room

If you need more intimate time with your group, we have private rooms.

  • The Small room can host 4-8 people ($30/hour)

  • The Large room can host 10-15 people ($40/hour) 

Each room has an independent karaoke system, so you can enjoy your session, have a great chat, take a sip of our nice drinks and sing whenever you wanted!

Japanese Interior Design at Tenjin Bar & Karaoke

Ready To Sing With Us?
Choose From Our Extensive Song Database

Is your taste in music Japanese 80s city pop or trendy K-pop? Our karaoke system database has songs from languages including English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and more. You can even access Youtube on this system to access songs in languages not mentioned above. Just walk in, no reservations are needed. All you need is confidence. Get on stage and sing the night away.


Looking to book an event? Click here to find out more.

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